• guidance of staff, staff responsibilty, team building and individual coaching at the company Thermopal GmbH
  • communication-workshop and settling interface of marketing and production of the company Thermopal GmbH
  • design workshop for industry, market, interior construction and craft for the companies
    • Burger, Bäumenheim
    • Gebhardt, Cham
    • Götz, Bamberg
  • innovations workshop with industry partners of the company
    • Homag
    • Leitz
    • Rehau
    • Jowat
    • Hettich
  • creative day for reatailers of the company Götz, Bamberg
  • fire protection workshop with the company Ackermann, Wiesenbronn
  • assembly of trade network for Czech Republic and Slovakia with the companies Nabytek, Prague and Demos, Ostrava
  • object network project for trade, architects, fabricators and industry
  • international project development and successful implementation in the area of railed vehicles with industry, interior construction specialists and architects
  • winner of the trainer prize Innovation, 2004 – alliance BaTB
    project for start-up companies (start-ups)
  • successful sales manager reponsible for ca. 40 Mio. € revenue in Southern Germany, Czech Republic and Lithuania
  • Das Feuerwerk des Verkaufensco-author „Feuerwerk des Verkaufens“
    (ISBN 3-9810088-4-7)
  • formation as trainer and consultant (BaTB + BDVT)
  • formation as coach (soccer)
  • coach for senior and junior teams
  • experience in team building with adolescents, adults and executives
  • participation in examinations board in BaTB, 2006
  • coaching of graduates of the Realschule Taufkirchen with assistance of the Bavarian government through state secretary H. Karl Freller, 2007