Bild vergrößern Consulting

We offer entrepreneurs vouchers which he can distribute to this executives.

The executives can redeem such vouchers and we will deduct the expenses from the company.

There is complete anonymity!

The manager decides whether consultation with the Board and/or owner of the firm is desired!

Stress management
  • There is a difference between maintaining control and getting in over one's head.
    This creates unnecessary and avoidable stress? - What can you do?
  • We help you in
    • recognize stress,
    • manage stress and
    • prevent stress.
  • We will help you find sustainable solution strategies!
Conflict management
  • Conflict types (relational-, objective-, methodology- and quality-conflicts)
  • Conflict setting (conscious level/unconscious level)
  • Conflict resolution (e.g. Harvard Method)
  • Leadership styles and their application
  • Team building and its processes
  • FHF model - How should the best employees be?
    • Fire in your eyes
    • Honest
    • Fun