Trainees/graduates/masters students

Bild vergrößern Trainees

The corporate landscape needs young, dynamic & courageous people.

We support school and university graduates, masters students and young adults into the profession and the executive level.

We will show you your potential!

Bild vergrößern Graduates

Challenging and encouraging will help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses while staying true to yourself.

You can achieve anything you want!

You decide what and how much you are willing to give into - and you will stay true to your personality!

Invest in yourself and thus your future career!

Analyzing potential
  • Recognize your opportunities and responsibilities
  • Approaches to implementation

strengths/weaknesses - desires/goals

Bild vergrößern Grossmann-Methode
  • Maintaining authenticity / personal credibility
  • Personality models
  • Marginal stability
Job placement through network
  • Bringing together what fits!
  • The requirement is a personality profile and a personal development program in the company LEBENSWERT ("worth living")