Start-up consulting

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Start Up Consulting

You have a good business idea, endurance, flexibility, eloquence, employees, lenders, etc. ..?

Undeed, this is what the small list of conditions and skills you need for a successful start looks like.

But take heart, because the willingness to professional independence not only brings creativity but also many, many helping hands.

Nevertheless, the better prepared you are and more professional support you have, the greater your chances for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The money is well spent, as employment offices and other state authorities that accompany this course will agree.

For this reason, you are contributing to the consultancy fees for professional help.

Optimizing the formation process

You have a great business idea? How do you seize it?

The statistics are disappointing - 50% of new entrepeneurs fail and end up destroying capital, wasting time and losing courage.

This must not be!

We will create your business profile and analyze the product/service according to Unique Selling Propositions (USPs).

What sets you apart from the competition?

Developing a business plan

Unless the start-up processes are optimized, the business plan must be well prepared.

The financial budget, which is either supported or rejected by the banks, depending on how good the idea, the plan and the personality of the founder, also depends on the business plan.

Assisting and accompanying financing talks with banks
  • These processes can in turn be influenced and optimized.
  • We pratice and stage such talks and prepare you for the actual presentation.
  • We can imagine financing start-ups if the requirements are met.