Marketing- and sales teams

Sale and distribution is the direct line to the customer.

This relationship is so important because it creates trust, understanding and becaue important information is exchanged.

Simplified: money for goods, at the right place at the right quantity at the right time!

This ensures the existence of any company!

Sales training
  • Sales cycle (recognize/learn/apply)
  • Communication skills in difficult situations
    (active sales / restructuring / delay of payment / etc.)
Bild vergrößern Sales cycle (Source: Sonnenholzer Consulting)
Sales cycle (Source: Sonnenholzer Consulting)
Training for sales fairs
  • Correct preparation for the fair
  • Correct implementation at the fair stand and customer handling
  • Afterwards: correct reviewing of the fair and identifying potential
Focusing on customers
  • Recognition of customers
  • Appropriate instruments for customers
  • Guidedance, implementation and target control